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terrahostterrahost Member, Patron Provider

Terrahost is proud to announce our new location in Lagos, Nigeria! Enjoy the same quality AMD Ryzen virtual and dedicated servers in Nigeria as in Norway and Kansas City, US. Recurring 40% discount on all KVM VPS. Limited number of coupons available!

LG: - Lagos, Nigeria - Sandefjord, Norway - Kansas City, USA

AS Info:
BGP session: No
Recurring: Yes

Altibox (Norway)
GTT (Norway, US)
Lightedge (US)
ipNX (Nigeria)

NIX1 - Oslo
FIXO - Oslo
DATAIX - Stockholm
DATAIX-UA - Stockholm
Global-IX - Stockholm
SOLIX - Stockholm
STHIX - Stockholm
KCIX - Kansas City
IXPN - Lagos
FSIX - Locally in our facilities, free 1G / 10G ports (

Inexpensive X/C to all IXes or other Tier1 providers in Oslo / Stockholm available.


1 vCore (AMD Ryzen 5950X)
5TB @ 1Gbps
Location: Lagos, Nigeria
Price per month: 6 USD/month with discount code
40% Discount code: r6KjsUZo2Y
Order here

More configs on our website. Discount applies to all KVM VPS in Lagos:


All servers come with:
1 Single IPv4
1 Single IPv6
/48 IPv6 (routed)


Payment must be in within 24 hours of ordering
Use full valid information when registering
Do not use VPN or TOR to order

Orders not following terms above will be cancelled


  • FAT32FAT32 Administrator, Deal Compiler Extraordinaire

    Congrats on the new location! :smiley:


    Thanked by 1terrahost
  • yabs?

  • Feel the rapid expansion, congratulations.

    Thanked by 1terrahost
  • @terrahost Congrats on expansion

    Thanked by 1terrahost
  • Good luck with that location, quite exotic thing!

    Thanked by 1terrahost
  • wow, never expected I will see this location on let. Congrats

    Thanked by 2terrahost miu
  • good location for African customers

  • Congrats! has got some competition now!

    Thanked by 1VayVayKa
  • terrahostterrahost Member, Patron Provider
    edited February 2022

    @varwww said:
    Congrats! has got some competition now!

    Thanks! But our network is actually fast my man.

  • Congrats on the exotic location! Pretty fast network as well :)

    Thanked by 1terrahost
  • jahrincjahrinc Member
    edited February 2022

    Congrats! Waiting on Amsterdam :smiley:

    Hopefully this will get launched soon! :tongue:

  • DPDP Administrator, The Domain Guy

    Thanked by 1terrahost
  • congrats to conquer a new continent!
    would take a special LET 1GB for half the price, just to have the location!

  • congrat, pretty rare location!

  • jsgjsg Member, Resident Benchmarker
    edited February 2022

    A quick early glance for all of you:

    I want to thank @terrahost for providing early access to one of their Nigeria VPS to me. A big Thank You also to @RobMonster who made it happen without any hesitation!

    It's obviously way too early to publish a benchmark and/or review (I just got my hands on it) but I can offer an early glimpse.

    The machine itself seems to be just the same we already know from Norway - in other words a madly fast Ryzen beast with a very fast NVMe (just like in NO). While the results I see now obviously must be taken with a grain of salt because the node is highly likely almost empty, I see clear indicators that the system's performance will be very similar to their Norway Ryzen 5k based VPS.

    The major real difference of course is the network - and that isn't supposed to significantly change full node vs. almost empty node, and that, the network is also the point that most of us are eager to see (well, performance numbers of it), so here you go (superficial first glimpse only. More to come ...).

    All Europe targets about or very close to 100 Mb/s; funnily terrahost.NO is not the fastest target (but still very decent), London is (reason see below).
    East Coast is about 65 Mb/s, West Coast about 50 Mb/s, closely followed (~ 45 Mb/s) by both India and Singapore.

    Yeah, yeah, I know, doesn't sound overwhelming at first glance, but keep in mind that we talk about an african location! And for Afrika those are speeds I really didn't expect. Frankly with ca. 100 Mb/s to pretty much all of Europe and speeds to NA and Asia that are similar to those of quite a few european providers (and sometimes even better) I consider terrahost's Nigeria location a very pleasant surprise.

    But as so often there's a 'but' with the connectivity: All routes seem to go via London plus, and that's the real issue I see, Cogent is often in the mix and commits very stupid and unprofessional sins on some routes like e.g. multiple back and forth circles, especially on the way to Turkey, yuck, shame on you, Cogent!

    But still, at the end of the day I expect terrahost's Nigeria location to quickly grow and to even become 'the go-to' location for Afrika.

    Well thought, well designed, and well implemented, Rob Monster and terrahost team, kudos!

    Thanked by 2pedagang terrahost
  • This would be a quite exotic location to have a PoP on, but no BGP :(

    Nonetheless, congrats on the expansion, quite nice to see such thing. :)

  • terrahostterrahost Member, Patron Provider

    @JeDaYoshi said:
    This would be a quite exotic location to have a PoP on, but no BGP :(

    Nonetheless, congrats on the expansion, quite nice to see such thing. :)

    We hope to provide BGP at this location in the coming weeks :)

    Thanked by 1JeDaYoshi
  • terrahostterrahost Member, Patron Provider

    Thank you @jsg for your initial review here. Regarding the network many routes do go via london now, but also many local ISPs are reachable through our transit. We will also connect to WAF-IX (West African Internet Exchange) to better our routes locally in the time that comes.

    Thanked by 1jsg
  • AdvinAdvin Member, Patron Provider
    edited February 2022

    2GB 5950X Nigeria YABS!
    Insane performance, I hope to see more locations (especially exotic) with 5950X's in the future! :)

  • indeed insane!

  • ZA_capetownZA_capetown Member
    edited February 2022

    Congratulations @terrahost with the expansion into Africa with Nigeria!

    Do you maybe have any future plans of expanding to South Africa as well?
    (Cape Town preferred to Johannesburg, but either would be great) :smiley:

  • EddingEdding Member
    edited February 2022

    For good single Thread Speeds on a 1gbit+ link with a Latency of 100ms to another Continent u need to tweak the TCP Buffers the standard Linux is way to small

  • APAC launch when 👀

  • Code no longer works?

  • apac - singapore ??? when ???

  • Congratulations. Finally we have Africa on LET.

    Thanked by 1terrahost
  • @WebHorizon any NATs on Nigeria? ;)

  • terrahostterrahost Member, Patron Provider

    @pedagang said:
    apac - singapore ??? when ???

    No current plans for it, but you'll never know ;)

  • terrahostterrahost Member, Patron Provider

    @kennsann said:
    Code no longer works?

    Restocked for the weekend, enjoy!

  • Wow, it this the first big move you have made since the acquisision? Great job!

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