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For transfer: AX41-NVMe in FSN w/ 5 additional IPs
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For transfer: AX41-NVMe in FSN w/ 5 additional IPs

ErisaErisa Member
edited February 2022 in Service Transfers

After renting a dedi from Hetzner for 2 years, it's time to move on.

- A functional Hetzner account. Ensure that you can access this page:

I am selling transfer of a Hetzner AX41-NVMe in FSN1-DC13 (Falkenstein, Germany) with the following addons:

1 x Primary IPv4
1 x Additional IP address
1 x Additional IP address
1 x Additional IP address
1 x Additional IP address
1 x Additional IP address
1 x 4 TB SATA Enterprise Hard Drive

If you do not need an addon, it can be removed by sending a support ticket.
The additional IP addresses currently have €19 setup each but these ones were bought before the price jump. The IP addresses renew at €1.70/mo each.
The 4TB HDD can be removed if not needed and renews at €13/mo.

Also not mentioned, the server has an additional /56 of IPv6 which cost €15 one-time and does not cost anything to renew.

All data has been securely erased, the server will be delivered in a blank state where you can install whatever OS you desire from Hetzner's "Robot" panel or boot to rescue and do what you need from there. All disks are healthy and pass SMART. There was one NVMe failure in the past and it was replaced with a fresh one by Hetzner. The HDD has around 1 year of power-on time, if memory serves me correctly. I am happy to run a SMART test if requested.

Server renews February 14 2022 as far as I am aware, the price for transfer is being seen as a kind of setup fee given the value of the addons. Buying this retail would cost you at least €150 of setup fees.

Current recurring is roughly €60/mo. Please remove addons if you want it cheaper.

If the server renews before it is transferred to someone, I will add the renewal price to the suggested price for transfer. I may also just cancel it before it renews though, so don't count on this. Thus, if I give a new suggested price in a later post in the thread then that is the canonical and correct value.

Suggested price: €45 / $50 paid over PayPal as a transaction, or as any major cryptocurrency. I dislike crypto but I understand some may wish to use it. I will cover any fees for either payment method up to €5 because I don't want people to worry about that.

Lower offers are welcome, this just won't guarentee you the server because I might say no and wait for someone else. If you think my price is unfair, just offer less. It is a suggestion and I don't like choosing fair prices very much.

Small print:

To make an offer, please make it known in the thread or by PM. If you send PM and not a thread post I will assume you want to remain anonymous but will still update the thread on the fact someone is offering me. If you post in the thread and I accept your offer I will tell you to send a PM to confirm it. Transfer will be completed as soon as possible after payment, please make sure you have a Hetzner account before making an offer. If the offer is shortly after thread creation there may be a small delay in starting transfer, so I will not accept payment until I am ready to transfer.

Given the short renewal time, if I recieve multiple offers I pay prioritise some based on their frequency and willingness to reply and engage. I will keep all parties informed at all times and do everything to stop being paid by multiple people. If that happens I will choose one to refund.

Thanked by 1Decicus


  • It turns out I misunderstood the way Hetzner renewals work and the server renewed on 10th Feb 2022.
    So my new suggested price for transfer is €45/$50 plus however much free time you get from the transfer, which at the moment stands around €100 total for the transfer.

    Renewal is unclear, probably around 10th March but may differ because February is quite short.

    Again, if you think my price is too high then offer something lower. I would rather sell low than get nothing.

  • you can check your last invoice, where it will hold an exact date till when it is paid for. that can be in the future as well as in the past, as the billing date aka the date you get your invoice can differ from the 'renewal' date of your services.

    if the 10th is the renewal date but you usually get your invoices end of month, then this server will only be paid for till 10th of feb and not till 10th of march. be aware that hetzner does not split invoices on transfers, so the taker might have to take over what's open (if any).

    if you got an invoice in the last two day, you'd probably been charged till 10th of march then already, so different story.

    anyway if you want to avoid dicsussions later on, you most likely want to clear up exactly what a buyer is looking at ;-)

  • @Falzo said: anyway if you want to avoid dicsussions later on, you most likely want to clear up exactly what a buyer is looking at ;-)

    Thank you for your advice.

    It turns out, for this and other complex reasons that I don't wish to get into here, that I am no longer offering this server for transfer. Apologies for any confusion and inconvenience caused.

    Thanked by 1Falzo
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