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How to use Cloudns as Secondary DNS provider [ Plesk Tested ]
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How to use Cloudns as Secondary DNS provider [ Plesk Tested ]

MehdMehd Member, Host Rep


I would like to share our experience regarding Secondary DNS for Plesk server. For the moment It has been pretty straight forward to setup Slave nameservers for Plesk.

The issue is, the solution becomes totally unreliable once you have 2 master servers or more. It looks like Plesk themselves couldn't figure out issues related to rndc-keys etc for our case. We have been getting random disconnections etc...

Additionally it requires the maintenance of the nameservers slave and having them on different locations or datacenters

We found solutions such as gDNS from Admin Ahead but it looks too complicated and not that different from the Plesk Slave servers.

We want to share our solution for the community especially the ones using Plesk, we are also planning to test the solution on different Hosting panels such as cPanel.

You can go ahead and create an account at

Once done, you will need to put edit a default provided PHP script that you can find on their Github Page.

Due to the multiple changes between the old script and the new one we have provided some additional information to the CloudNs team who corrected some elements on their previous one.

You can read the article they have put together for Plesk servers.

We will try to do the same for cPanel very soon and update this thread.

through this you can enjoy IPV4 & IPV6 Anycast Secondary DNS and protect your Master server

Regarding the Cronjob to setup we made it run once per minute in our case due to multiple DNS zone changes and new clients. Especially that Plesk is kind of slow when it comes to SSL :)

We would love to hear your feedback

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