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Available for transfer: web horizon 2vcore 512mb vps in Europe
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Available for transfer: web horizon 2vcore 512mb vps in Europe

I have this vps with webhorizon that I no longer need specs are

2vcpu core
512mb ram
10 gb nvme SSD
500 gb bandwidth
1 ipv4 + ipv6 /64
(Although the product description says 256mb ram, it was brought under double resources offer in which all the resources were doubled)

Currently it is located in Poland , but will be migrated to France next week,(current node uses ryzen 5 3600 but, recent webhorizon email states that the new node will have a better cpu)
See email in below comment,

Next due date : 07 OCT 2022

Renew price 7 usd/ year

Open to offers for transfer currently considering taking 5 usd via paypal or crypto


  • codelockcodelock Member
    edited January 2022

    Migration email :

    Important: Scheduled Node Migration / your IP will change.
    This is a followup email in relation to new Revised Region - Europe central notification on 21.01.2022.
    As a future remedy for the faced network disturbances, we have decided to migrate all OVZ7 based Poland servers to the EU location (France).
    This is a one-time process & will improve peering to many major ISPs in Europe, also an upgraded CPU.
    Your OVZ7 VPS will be migrated automatically to the new node on 29.01.2022 (Saturday) & IP will change.
    Please open a support ticket if you would like your VPS migrated now or at a scheduled time.
    We know that this isn’t great news for some who specifically need Poland location, and we’re sorry about that.
    We'll be happy to help you if you have any questions. Just send us a support ticket.
    Note: This does not affect KVM services at the moment.
    Kind regards,
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  • yoursunnyyoursunny Member, IPv6 Advocate

    @codelock said:
    We know that this isn’t great news for some who specifically need Poland location

    It's a matter of time before Poland KVM gets moved too.
    I'm glad that I got rid of it last month.

    Ironically, my reason for letting go of Poland KVM was bad peering.
    Hopefully we get better peering in the new location.

  • DursDurs Member
    edited January 2022

    Can you help me, in a france VPS. Should i be careful like german or an amercan VPS? Torrent....

    I have three server in Polen, unfortunately i was not notify from

  • Refund ? :D
    On a serious note i have also one for transfer if anyone want. Mine is:
    350 MB ram
    7 GB SSD
    3000 GB BW
    1 ipv4 + ipv6 /64
    8$/y for renew. Renew date is 16 November 2022
    Looking for 5$ also :)

  • I think, the VM specifications is not bad for this price. Previously when I saw the WebHorizon's promo, I thought to buy one in their Poland or Japan location (rare), but I missed it. Now i'm not sure, it was a mistake (to miss it), because of the 'location migration' (PL to FR).

    Sadly I not really found previously a polish provider with cheap small resources VPS (256-512MB RAM, 5-10GB disk, 1x IPv4). They usually give promotions only for the first billing term (I not like this bussines model).

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