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Mobile (3G/4G/LTE) Data Usage
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Mobile (3G/4G/LTE) Data Usage

BlazeMuisBlazeMuis Member
edited December 2013 in General

How much mobile data are you using each month?

I've used almost 1GB in about 12 days (952,61 MB to be exact) on 3.5G (H+)

Most of the data usage is by TuneIn Radio and the 9Gag app


  • AlexanderMAlexanderM Member, Top Host, Host Rep

    I use around 100GB a month on 3G

  • Tunein Radio is pretty awesome!

  • @AlexanderM said:
    I use around 100GB a month on 3G

    On phone?

    Btw, averagely i'm using 1GB data per month.

  • wychwych Member
    edited December 2013

    5gb over 4G, usually 1-2 days before contract rollover.

    Top Apps:

    I like blogging and streaming music in my car... not all at the same time obviously!

    EDIT- i fail at markdown

  • blackblack Member
    edited December 2013

    @AlexanderM said:
    I use around 100GB a month on 3G

    Wow. I average around 200 MB a month.

  • Typically around 1.5Gigs. In the summer I'll run much higher...generally over 10Gigs but most of that is due to tethering.

  • Around 60-70GB a Month maybe more sometimes.

  • I use around 30GB on lte with att unlimited grandfathered plan.

  • about 1-2 gb's on 3g.

  • Really wish I had unlimited 4g, I fell limited. Never watch video on it just browsing.

  • @budi1413 said:
    Btw, averagely i'm using 1GB data per month.

    Anywhere from 1 gig to 100gb. average is usually 30ish.

  • I use about 5GB per month in 3.5G (HSPA+).

  • AlexanderMAlexanderM Member, Top Host, Host Rep

    Yeah. I travel a lot, so need Internet for my business.

  • JyleeJylee Member, Host Rep

    I use about 500M in 2G- -

  • On days I'm at work, 30-50MB/day, when I'm not, usually quite a lot less as I will be using wifi most of the time. I occasionally tether, and when I do, obviously I use a lot more but normally about 800MB/month on DC-HSDPA/3.5G connection. This may increase a lot now I have started listening to streaming radio in the car though! Unlimited data tariff (including tethering), LTE coming next month.

  • RalliasRallias Member
    edited December 2013

    Where in the hell are you getting 4G? I didn't know they actually had standards compliant 4G available yet.

    Oh, for the record, I've used a total of 640 KBytes of mobile bandwidth last month. Should be enough for everyone.

  • cfgguycfgguy Member, Host Rep

    600 megs 3G vodafone India

  • @Rallias said:
    Where in the hell are you getting 4G?

    United Kingdom via EE.

  • Rallias said: Where in the hell are you getting 4G? I didn't know they actually had standards compliant 4G available yet.

    Yes. LTE is not 4G but more 3.9G. But people get confused. There is only 2 that i am aware of. that's SK telecom & Everything Everywhere (trial)

  • 3-5GB per month normally, mainly icloud (music).

  • My provider just updated the data usage, went over 1GB within 13 days

  • trewqtrewq Administrator, Patron Provider

    About 1GB per month on 4G (where available). Mostly use it for Web browsing as all my music is downloaded over Wifi with Spotify.

  • I only use about 500 mb now days, because I only use to read rss using feedly when on the way to office :)

  • I have used more than 100Mb / day.
    Maybe 3Gb/month.

    Some days I use a bit less than 100Mb in other more.

  • When i had unlimited data, I abused the service and now that I am on a 2gb plan, I am extremely conservative with my data :/
    I miss downloading torrents and streaming movies on my phone :(


  • MaouniqueMaounique Host Rep, Veteran

    I never felt the need for 4g. My 3g connection at 3-4 Mbps download allows me to watch movies (mostly youtube historical documentaries) and listen to tunein all day.
    I do not use wifi even at home, too lazy to switch, i have 5 gb at big speed then going down (people say it does not happen though), but i never finished the 5 gb on the phone sim (i have 5 more gb on a stick sim that i can put in my dual sim phone if needed) just once or twice got close to 4.5 or so.
    IMO 4g is only for replacing the landline in tethering, but i like my 1-2 ms latency on the landline, 1gbps best effort at 15 $ so far didnt think 4g could replace it, really.

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