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Can't seem to be able to use payment methods on SYS and Kimsufi
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Can't seem to be able to use payment methods on SYS and Kimsufi

Today I tried to purchase a failover IP for a server on SoYouStart but it said I didn't have a mean of payment configured. I definitely do. I tried to add a new one, which was accepted, but then it was like if I didn't add it at all, it wasn't listed either.
Same with my Kimsufi account, I can no longer see my Paypal account.
Funnily, if I try to order a new server, there I see all my payment methods, even the one I added today...

Is it just me?

I opened a support ticket.


  • Well my support ticket was answered this morning. An "internal action" was necessary but now I can see my Paypal account again. It looked like a database issue, the interface kept showing an error "missing parameter payment_method_id". Someone was playing with the database maybe :neutral:

  • MaouniqueMaounique Host Rep, Veteran

    I can't pay with card at KS but can with paypal, which uses same card, btw. It always says it failed.

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