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Hi, I'm looking for a server offer or at least a provider name which allow source IP spoofing.
I have two legitimate reasons to use IP spoofing.

The first is a censorship circumvention system using ReQrypt. ReQrypt software first encrypts and sends first TCP packet to IP spoofing server, the server forwards this packed from client's source IP to destination server, further data transfer between client and destination host within single TCP session is performed without spoofing server. This is faster than proxy and preserves client's IP address. ReQrypt was firstly developed in 2009 ( where IPHM was really easy to find , though )

The second is for my project to traverse NAT without outbound session initiation. It's basically based on pwnat but uses UDP packets on the server side. To connect to the host behind NAT from another NAT client needs to send ICMP TTL Exceeded packet which most NAT drop (but accept if it's incoming). Such ICMP packets would be sent from this server with source IP spoofing.

I can also accept some ports blocked, for example

don't even need full DNS capabilities? Amplification attacks can be somewhat mitigated if DNS ports are blocked. ( 53 )

Or also NTP port ( 123 ) . Blocking those 2 ports, it's almost out of 90% of risks.

I'm fine with any configuration. I need at most 256 MB RAM and somewhere about 5 GB HDD. I don't expect traffic to exceed 100 GB per month. The cheaper the better.

If you can't write here the domain, It's fine if u directly dm me.


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