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Provider with Small Latency in the Balkans/CEE
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Provider with Small Latency in the Balkans/CEE


I am looking to move either of the two types of machines I currently operate in the Netherlands and Lithuania anywhere closer to networks in the Central Eastern Europe (CEE) or, as it's commonly known as, the Balkans and surrounding countries (Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, ...).
Budget is around 20 EUR per month. Machine types are:

  • DNS/audio streams (1+ core, 2+ GB RAM, ~40 GB disk space, 3+ TB bandwidth)
  • audio transcoding/general hosting (2+ cores, 4 GB RAM, ~300 GB disk space, 3+ TB storage)

Hetzner/Edis have solid deals but would like to see if I can get any better ping-wise (~ 26 ms from my current location). Dediserve's network is great at ~13 ms ping, but disk and processor resources get expensive. I was amazed to see pings from Annexia locations in Vienna and Budapest (~9 ms), but know no providers in this datacenter/on this network.

Commonly I have connections from A1, national telecoms, and GEANT members.

Any ideas?


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