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OVH cPanel price
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OVH cPanel price

zafouharzafouhar Member
edited January 11 in Help

With OVH does anyone know what they charge for a cPanel license for their Dedicated Servers, the one for up to 100 accounts for their US dc if that makes a difference?

Was trying to find out from their site but they don't mention it anywhere.


  • ArkasArkas Member, Moderator

    I think you have to buy your own license. I had bought one 2 years ago, but it was for a kimsufi server, which is still OVH.

  • In the licence tab of my SoYouStart dedicated server, French account, there is an option to buy a cPanel license from them. The "version-premier-metal-100" one, which I think is the one you want, goes for €28.99 (VAT excluded) per month.

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