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[OVH] Have slow port connecting issue on hlds_linux UDP 27016
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[OVH] Have slow port connecting issue on hlds_linux UDP 27016

Since few days i have been having this slow port connecting issue on my hlds_linux UDP port 27016. what happeing is when you connect it is stuck on 1 bar and takes few seconds to initiliase connection which delays lots of players connectivity some times players are less and most of them drop due to empty server.

I raise a ticket about slow port connectivity UDP 27016 and i was told to send the commands which will help them figure what is the issues .

OVH support agent asked for this below:-

As per our discussion, we would first need to make a few verifications on the network side of things. High latency, packet loss or speed issues may all quickly be diagnosed with a few tests that will help us pinpoint the issue, or rule out some other hypothetical causes for the problem. Please do these tests in the Rescue Mode Pro ( This will rule out disturbances from other processes that would normally use bandwidth.

The results of the following tests are what we will need:

-Results of a ping on your server.
-Results of a traceroute (with MTR or WinMTR) from your local host to your server.
-Results of a traceroute (with MTR or WinMTR) from your server to your local host.
-iperf3 -c -4 -p 5201 -i 10 -t 300
-iperf3 -c -4 -p 5201 -i 1 -u -t 30 -b 800M
-wget -4 -O /dev/null
-ethtool -S NAME_OF_NIC (ex: eth0)

I gave them all then , they escalted to network engineer to have a look into it. Then i got a reply saying they have adjusted the mitigation profile. But this slow port issues connectivity was still there .

I replied them saying i appreciate your adjustment but i still have slow port issue connectivity UDP 27016 port

Then i got a reply from them as follow:-

1- DDos through the port 27016.

2 -There are many users and connections on that port.

3 - Excessive consumption of the resources.

For the first option, we see notifications of a DDos attack, we would like to have more captures BOTH during the normal traffic and during the DDos attack.

For the second and the third option, we would like you to monitor the usage of the network and the hardware performance.

They told me to install rtm-tool for looking exactly what going on and to monitor performance of the network and hardware.

I want to know which better software i can use and help OVH to identify the problem i am facing.

Furthermore i send them an updated ticket with new tcpdump capture which they repllied as saying they have escalted to specialist and suggested me to wait for their reply as of today 09/01/22.

If you guys can recommend me better software not the one OVH has a docs guide but something that light weight so i can give them the logs or report for the same.


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