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Data Center Suggestions
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Data Center Suggestions

LittleCreekLittleCreek Member, Patron Provider

I am looking for a data center that can provide low cost bandwidth and plenty of ipv4 address space as well as ipv6.

In another thread somebody pointed me to who has good prices on bandwidth but they charge $1.00 per ip. Right now I have 4 /24 for free but bandwidth costs are high. would reverse that and doesn't help me much.

Is there a data center that can provide both at a low cost?


  • skorupionskorupion Member
    edited January 8

    he net, but rent your own ips outside of them (look at the AIO v4 v6 thread at LET)

  • TamerciagaTamerciaga Member, Host Rep

    Data centers wouldn't be eager throwing around 4x/24 for cheap unless you are a really big boy. Why not getting prefixes from brokers? A /24 is around 100 EU/month.

    Also provide some more info about; location, connectivity, electricity, rack space...also the reason why you need so much prefixes.

  • LittleCreekLittleCreek Member, Patron Provider

    I prefer VA or NC in the USA because that is near where I live and I provide my own equipment so it needs to be within a reasonable driving distance.

    Why so many ips? Each VPS uses 1 ip. 1000 ips x $3.50 (VPS price) = $3500. That is not a lot of money.

  • deankdeank Member, Troll

    1 buck per an ip?

    In 2022? Dream on. Just build your own DC. You have a basement, right?

  • henixhenix Member

    lowend datacenter

  • ezethezeth Member, Patron Provider
    edited January 8

    We can probably help each other by sharing a 10U and router. I got 1 Gbps unmetered already and I am LIR member so I can provide some IPs for cheap also

    It’s USA dallas and 10U 1.2KWh is $285.00 USD

    I will need more power since my server new 768GB server takes 4 AMPs kek

    Then we can also share the cost for Path DDoS if you need it

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