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Miner VPS/Dedi/RDP?
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Miner VPS/Dedi/RDP?


Looking for providers allowing mining on their servers.

Atleast 4-16 core and 4gb RAM is needed.

Linux or Windows...doesnt matter.

Price Range, well depending on Hardware specs i would say around 3-15 dollars.

I just need names on providers/Private People selling servers, so i know where to turn when i Scale up.

All recommendations are welcome.


  • ShakibShakib Member, Provider

    We, LET providers are going to start mining ourselves instead of selling mining servers to you for 3-15 dollars.

    Good luck.

  • This isn't going to happen. If someone sells you something that says it'll work then I'd put hard suspicion that they're out there to screw you.

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  • Mining isn't something that you need any special tooling to do. The provider would either sell you the service for above the profit that they would make from mining themselves, or they would just mine the actual coins by themselves, without a leech in the middle.

  • @Lawballer said:
    Looking for providers allowing mining on their servers.

    You asked about this in November. Do you really think that the answers have changed since then?

    Nigh is the end

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  • In an energy crisis, mining is not a good idea.

  • Looking for providers allowing mining on their servers.

    Lol you want someone to build a money making device and then rent it to you for 3 bucks? Good luck.

  • 3-15 dollars? Living up to your username

  • onplusonplus Member

    Simple math problem

  • edited January 8

    Mining is simply a deterioration and waste of hardware, providers would rather get actual use out of their servers rather than see them get thrown out in a year. The only "mining" services I've seen are ones like which allows you to buy refurbished miners and profit from their own hosting space and HPC bmc / gpu instances like genesiscloud.

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