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Translate IP commands to Netplan
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Translate IP commands to Netplan

jerry_mejerry_me Member

I set up an IPv6 tunnel and create a routing prefix with the following command.

ip tunnel add tun0 mode sit remote local ttl 255
ip link set tun0 up
ip addr add 2001:db8:214b:1000::/64 dev tun0
ip route add 2001:db8:214b:1001::/64 dev tun0

I'm going to convert to Netplan configuration, but I don't know how to complete the last command (create route prefix)

  version: 2
  renderer: networkd
      mode: sit
        - "2001:db8:214b:1000::2/64"
        - to: "2001:db8:214b:1001::/64"
          via: "2001:db8:214b:1000::2"
          from: "::/0"
          on-link: true

via is not set to an interface,hope to get your help, thank you.


  • yoursunnyyoursunny Member, IPv6 Advocate

    Since 2001:db8:214b:1001::/64 is on the same link, you can change your own address to 2001:db8:214b:1000::/63, which covers both subnets.

    Thanked by 1jerry_me
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