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Server for legitimate IP spoofing (not DDoS/amplification)
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Server for legitimate IP spoofing (not DDoS/amplification)

ValdikSSValdikSS Member
edited January 5 in Requests

I'm looking for a server offer or at least a provider name which allow source IP spoofing for relatively cheap (LEB price range).

The spoofing is needed for experiments with Deep Packet Inspection system and would be used only to send TCP SYNs with the destination address consent (by the destination address request only).
I'm a censorship researcher, and this server is for legitimate anti-censorship purposes only. You may heard about my GoodbyeDPI project before.

The specs are not important (256 RAM is fine), as well as the bandwidth cap (100+ GB/mo is fine). Blocked UDP ports used for amplification is also fine.


  • mcgreemcgree Member
    edited January 6

    I used justhost for source IP spoofing a year ago, I don't know how it is now, I can provide you with a test vps (free), please DM me if you need it.

    If you are interested, you will need to provide your public key.

    Only for experimental purposes, of course,

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  • stefemanstefeman Member
    edited January 7

    Rumor goes that @swedendedicated spoofs on their stockholm location by default.

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