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Webuzo CP goes multi user(supports resellers too)!
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Webuzo CP goes multi user(supports resellers too)!

They say ..

Webuzo offers 3 access levels: Admin, Reseller, User. You can even add a fourth e-mail level supported by an official free plugin.

I tried their demo and felt nothing new/fancy.

The free version of Webuzo seems to be eliminated now and they put a price tag of $25/m for unlimited user version.

No word on security/nginx/etc.

I felt DirectAdmin Pro version is definitely better choice comparing price/features.

Any one tried it recently?


  • Webuzo what?

  • risharderisharde Member, Host Rep

    Haven't tried it recently but I was aware of the product since I had initially been aligning myself to be a competitor of this company but unfortunately that didn't work out well. Either way, alternatives to cPanel is probably a good thing but from what you are saying, the pricing while not being horrendous does seem to be lowend to me which surprises me a bit considering their other product pricing.

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