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Short-term Dedicated Server
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Short-term Dedicated Server

I'm on the hunt for a short-term (1 month) dedicated server with 128GB RAM and at least 1TB of space (not-SSD is fine and doesn't need to be raid protected). Just needs to run something like Proxmox or any other hypervisor that can support Windows guests. Looking for as cheap as possible and I don't care where it is. Doesn't need a lot of bandwidth. Looking to keep the price around $50-75USD. Hoping a provider here has an older server sitting in a rack somewhere that hasn't been pulled and doesn't have much life left in it.

Full disclosure, I'm going to use this dedicated server to run as many Windows guests as it will sustain, from Windows 7 to Windows Server 2022 and everything in between. The guests will be loaded with an RMM software we are testing and nothing else. Thank you!


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