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What service do I need? For ASP.NET?
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What service do I need? For ASP.NET?

I just started learning C# for a week, now I want to make a web based project using ASP.NET.

What do I need to buy? I read that ASP.NET is cross platform, so I could get a cheap linux server right, but how to run it?

If not, will I need a windows server? I don't want to spend lots of money on a windows server though, just to play around with C# for learning.

Could I just buy a cheap cpanel or directadmin? I don't really see ASP.NET being supported though on their websites.

If none of these is the answer, do you know what else I could do?
Like I said, I am just new to learning C# and want to make web projects, perhaps there's something other then ASP.NET I could use with C#?


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    .NET Core can run on Linux. Old C# web apps (MVC 5) are Windows-only (not 100% sure how projects like Mono could help, probably not much).

    I doubt cPanel or DirectAdmin-powered hosting would work, even for .NET Core. You'd need a VPS where you can install relevant packages or run it through Docker.

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    ASP.NET is best choice for web apps right now.
    For hosting you need VPS. Nothing fancy, 1GB is enough, even for e-commerce, because ASP.NET is really efficient.

    You will get best performance with Windows + Kestrel, but even standard Linux + nginx reverse proxy is fast enough and used by many, because it has good compability with everything. Kestrel is just for .NET apps.

    Here's guide for deploying on Linux + Nginx

    If you want server only for testing then signup for Oracle Cloud Free Tier and you can get 1/8 OCPU (1/8 performance of AMD EPYC), 1GB of RAM, 200GB drive, 50Mbps network for free! Good enough for testing.

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