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Stratagem - VPS & UK Colo XMAS Offers
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Stratagem - VPS & UK Colo XMAS Offers

stratagemstratagem Member, Provider
edited December 2021 in Offers

Festive Greetings!

It's that time of year, the time to spread some merry cheer with some tantalising offers.

Stratagem Hosting - AS212806 - UK (West Midlands) based with fully owned infrastructure & Juniper network. A premium tier 1 blend ensures the best connectivity possible. We will always go the extra mile for our clients - whether you have a small VPS or a full racks colocation, you'll always receive the highest quality care & attention from our team.
/ˈstratədʒəm/ - A plan, especially one used to outwit an opponent or achieve an end

MicroMAX VPS - £30/year with promo LETMAS

  • 2 Core (Intel E5 V3)
  • 2GB RAM
  • 30GB SSD
  • 1 IPv4 & /112 IPv6 (free routed /64)
  • 10TB @ 1Gbps

Want an extra 5TB for a whopping total 15TB? Just comment with your order number, simple as that.

Colocation - Six months half price with promo COLOCO6 ***

  • 1U
  • 0.5A Dual Feed Power
  • /29 IPv4 + /64 IPv6 (free routed /48)
  • 50TB @ 1Gbps port (10gbps ports available)
  • ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 Datacenters
  • 30 Minutes RH included
  • £49 First six months - £24.50

*** Any colocation orders placed over this festive period will also get an extra 10TB bandwidth free


Q: Can these offers be customised?
A: These particular offers no, however get in touch and we'll always be happy to work something out for you.

Q: Are these offers recurring?
A: Save for the collocation offer which is a six month offer, yes.

Q: What technology is in use here?
A: Virtualizor KVM for the time being.

Q: Is VAT included on these prices?
A: All prices unless otherwise stated exclude VAT.

Q: Is BGP included?
A: Yes - BGP can be freely included for any VPS or colocation order.

Q: Can I bring my own IP addresses?
A: Sure, no problem. We can either announce these for you or we can setup a BGP session.

Q: Can I ship my hardware for colocation?
A: Yes - we offer a free unpack & rack option to anybody that would like to take advantage.

Q: Can I check your network?
A: Usually yes however our Looking Glass (based on Hyperglass) is currently having some bug fixes done - you can ping/trace/MTR to though.

Q: Are 10G ports available?
A: Yes, 10G ports are £50 per month delivered on SMF

Q: Can I buy more bandwidth?
A: Sure can, typically this is £2/TB but get in touch with your requirements.

Any questions? Let us know.



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