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Dallas, Texas - CloudLinux OS Pro, Backups, PGP Webmail, Softaculous, Free Speech and Crypto Support

MannDudeMannDude Patron Provider, Veteran


IncogNET LLC has a new Dallas, Texas location available for shared hosting, so we're posting our first LET Shared Hosting offer to celebrate.

We are a small, employee owned business that strives to normalize privacy in an industry that overwhelming lacks it while supporting freedom of speech, donating resources to pro-privacy projects and maintaining solid services.

Each coupon is limited in number of uses and these discounts should be considered "late Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals". We were running out of stock on our Netherlands based shared hosting and were awaiting deployment of our Dallas based setup so was unable to provide these deals at that time. So, get them while you can.

Hosting without the BS.

No hidden terms. No gimmicks. No BS.

What makes IncogNET the right choice for you and your websites? For starters, we offer feature packed, no-nonsense plans with the ample resources and performance needed to power modern websites. Each plan is allocated a generous amount of vital system resources, protected by CloudLinuxOS and on premium networks to ensure that your content is available to the visitors who seek it. Enjoy the freedom of speech of our Dallas, Texas location or the great European connectivity of our Netherlands location. Just take a look at the great features below.

All of our CloudLinux plans include the following:

  • CloudLinuxOS Pro w/ CageFS (learn more)
  • Non-Oversold Resources (Use what is yours!)
  • DDoS Protection (Stay Uncensored!)
  • Fast NVMe or SSD Storage (Great For Wordpress!)
  • Encrypted, Offsite Automatic Backups (Peace Of Mind!)
  • Generate / Restore Your Own Backups (Eliminate "woops"!)
  • Apache+Nginx Webserver Stack (It's fast!)
  • PHP Caching by Mod_Lsapi (learn more)
  • Free Lets Encrypt SSLs (Automatically renews, easy to use!)
  • PGP Encrypted Webmail Option (Use email securely!)
  • NodeJS, Python and PHP Selector (Choose what you need!)
  • Automated Script Installer (Instantly install over 300 scripts!)
  • Tor and I2P Opt-In Mirroring (beta | learn more)
  • Free Speech Supported (learn more)
  • Basic Helpdesk Support (We'll help you keep the lights on!)

CloudLinux Starter
This is a perfect plan for a smaller site or project. Don't over-estimate your needs, this little plan packs a punch.

Resource Allocation & Details
- Storage: 2GB
- Bandwidth: 1 TB/mo @ 1Gbps
- Host 3 domains
- 5 email addresses
- 5 sub-domains
- 5 MySQL Database
- 5 FTP Accounts

CloudLinux Limits
- Max CPU Speed: 100% (1 core)
- Memory Limit: 768Mb (0.75GB)
- IO throughput: 100Mb/s
- IOPS (Operations Per Sec): 2048
- EP (Entry Processes): 75
- NPROC Limit: 100
CloudLinux Standard
If your needs are too big for the Starter Plan, but not quite big enough to need the Professional Plan, you’ll find this plan just right.

Resource Allocation & Details

- Storage: 5GB
- Bandwidth: 5 TB/mo @ 1Gbps
- Host 5 domains
- 10 email addresses
- 10 sub-domains
- 10 MySQL Database
- 10 FTP Accounts

CloudLinux Limits
- Max CPU Speed: 150% (1.5 core)
- Memory Limit: 1024Mb (1GB)
- IO throughput: 150Mb/s
- IOPS (Operations Per Sec): 3072
- EP (Entry Processes): 125
- NPROC Limit: 150
CloudLinux Professional
A hefty plan for hefty needs. VPS level performance to power multiple sites or to serve many visitors. Perfect for Wordpress

Resource Allocation & Details

- Storage: 15GB
- Bandwidth: 10 TB/mo @ 1Gbps
- No domain limit
- No email account limit
- No sub-domain limit
- No MySQL Database limit
- No FTP Account limit

CloudLinux Limits
- Max CPU Speed: 200% (2 cores)
- Memory Limit: 1536Mb (1.5GB)
- IO throughput: 200Mb/s
- IOPS (Operations Per Sec): 4096
- EP (Entry Processes): 175
- NPROC Limit: 200

(This is about the time I gave up trying to make fancy tables like above)

Coupons below only work with the corresponding plans as an annual price over-ride. Make sure you select the annual plan before applying the coupon.

CloudLinux Starter:
Just $15/YR with coupon LETDALCLSTR

[Pay With PayPal, Card, Stripe]
[Pay With Crypto (BTC, XMR, LTC, etc)]

CloudLinux Standard:
Just $23/YR with coupon LETDALCLSTD

[Pay With PayPal, Card, Stripe]
[Pay With Crypto (BTC, XMR, LTC, etc)]

CloudLinux Professional:
Just $30/YR with coupon LETDALCLPRO

[Pay With PayPal, Card, Stripe]
[Pay With Crypto (BTC, XMR, LTC, etc)]

Looking Glass, Network Info, and FAQ

Netherlands Dallas, TX (NEW!)
Worldstream – Naaldwijk, Netherlands Hivelocity - Dallas, Texas, USA
Test IPv4: Test IPv4:
Test IPv6: 2602:fd92:509:93da:1:2:3:4 Test IPv6: 2602:ffc5:105:80a:8919:29eb:137:171
Speed Test: Speed Test:
Looking glass: Looking glass:

Frequently Asked Questions: ( More )

  • Refunds? - First 48 hours only, and not for crypto. Sorry.
  • Can I host adult content? - Legal adult content is fine.
  • What crypto do you accept? - BTC, BCH, DASH, DOGE, ETC, ETH, LTC, OXEN, THETA/TFUEL, XMR. We prefer BTC, XMR, and LTC but we'll take whatever of the above is convenient for you.
  • Can I do ____ or use a server for ____? - Review our Terms: We have zero tolerance on network abuse or spam. Just because we respect your privacy doesn't mean we let you do whatever you want.
  • Do you really support free speech? - Yes, of course. Feel free to read more here:

About IncogNET LLC

  • Business Legal Name: IncogNET LLC (docs)
  • Registration Date: 04/21/2021 (I got the 'all clear' to post annual deals first)
  • Business Address: 30 N. Gould Street, STE 4000, Sheridan, WY 82801
  • Business Phone: 1-307-201-2591 (Telegram only, Signal soon)
  • Business Email: company[AT]incognet[dot]io (Public PGP key)

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  • Only @jar have free speech in Texas.

  • DPDP Administrator, The Domain Guy

    Now this is what an offer thread should look like 👍

  • MannDudeMannDude Patron Provider, Veteran
    edited December 2021

    @jenkki said:
    Only @jar have free speech in Texas.

    This town ain't big enough for the two of us

    Just kidding. I love @Jar, and he doesn't do web hosting anyway.

    @DP said:
    Now this is what an offer thread should look like 👍

    It's such a pain in the ass trying to get markdown formatting to work properly and look the same via an editor, Vanilla's preview, and the actual post.

    Glad you appreciate my pain and effort, though. :wink:

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  • @MannDude said: Just kidding. I love @Jar, and he doesn't do web hosting anyway.

    FBI host their email on his servers, and he only have rights to free speech in Texas on exchange.

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  • jarjar Patron Provider, Veteran

    @jenkki said: FBI host their email on his servers

    What like with a cloth or something?

  • @jar said: What like with a cloth or something?

    Brainwashing always made with wet cloth in hands. Dustin cannot be wrong.

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