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Free TS3 Server on Alvotech VPS
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Free TS3 Server on Alvotech VPS

xprotoceptxprotocept Member
edited September 2011 in General


i bought an Alvotech VPS (NL) for my Teamspeak 3 server
And i was wondering who wants free TS3 server?
Just reply, and i'll send u the details

Thanked by 1Steve81


  • I always want free servers, what's the catch? ;)

  • Ah I thought TS3 might be a server model from them, I'm guessing it's actually Team Speak? No use to me I'm afraid.

  • lol -.-

  • Its always wise to read every word in a sentence ;-)

  • I'd assume that most people who post here have at least one VPS server, and getting a non-profit Teamspeak license is extremely easy. I run my own for friends and guildmates in the games I play.

  • rm_rm_ IPv6 Advocate, Veteran

    Who the fsck cares about teamspeak when there's Mumble.
    Teamspeak is like using AOL in 2011.

  • Not tried Mumble, maybe i should, looks a lot like a TS clone tho.

    Perhaps you should try TS3 too, its far better than TS2 was and is very solid and reliable. Ive used it for some time now and not sure how you could improve on it.

    Theres also a nice Android and iphone client now too :)

    Oh and i have one client who still insists on using AOL!

  • TS2 was like AOL, TS3 is a vast improvement. The problem with mumble is that no one uses it.

  • kalam said: The problem with mumble is that no one uses it.


  • Still using TS2 -- not sure why but the only thing I need is to talk. I was used to ventrilo 2.1.4 but Windows 7 did weird stuff with it so I went to TS2.

  • Id highly recommend upgrading to TS3, the voice quality is MUCH better. Vent 2.1.4 was much better quality than TS2 i always found especially if more than one person tried to talk at a time. Shame Flagship got all uppity about licensing after than and i vowed never to use it again. For TS3 you can get a non profit licence that will let you run up to 10 servers and (i think) 300 clients.

  • Mumble is great, the reason no one uses it is because it's generally for gamers. However, Mumble's clarity and quick relay of the sound is awesome with Speex.

  • justinbjustinb Member
    edited September 2011

    rm_ said: Who the fsck cares about teamspeak when there's Mumble. Teamspeak is like using AOL in 2011.

    TeamSpeak isn't that bad.

    Ventrilo (any version) is closer to AOL Browser running on WebTV (or a steaming pile of dog crap).

  • I'm a gamer and I've never really heard of mumble, everyone uses ts or vent. A lot of games are starting to include voice chat now too.

    Oh and Ts3 uses speex now too

  • Well, Mumble has a sleeker interface, as well as the capability of a in-game GUI.

  • Hmm nice, I should try Mumble.

  • The question really is if anyone else will use it with you :)

    From the pics I've seen, the interface looks very similar. Does it have a file transfer browser? That's really handy in Ts3. Inhale GUI would be nice, at the moment I just use a small 2nd screen for anything I want to see while in game.

  • It doesn't have a file transfer browser, unfortunately ): . Most gamers in the TF2 community use Mumble (AsiaFortress, OzFortress, etc. The more casual and usual clans use TS3 and Vent etc. Voice chat in game sucks IMO.

  • Boltersdriveer said: Most gamers in the TF2 community use Mumble

    My friend just used that argument and I proceeded to again state that, ya, that means no one uses it.

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