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Multi-IPs VPS Applications?
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Multi-IPs VPS Applications?

Hi folks, maybe this is a dumb question. But, do you guys have any idea what to do with a VPS that have multiple IP v4 addresses?


  • deankdeank Member, Troll

    Nothing. Use one at a time to spam. When all IPs are dirty, file a dispute with your host and move on.

  • lifehost360_comlifehost360_com Member, Host Rep

    you might run this one VPS as a virtualized firewall and put your computing network behind this firewall.

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  • Route a public IP to your game console behind CGNAT

    Thanked by 2merlinvn sgno1
  • Multiple gameserver on the same port?

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  • Daniel15Daniel15 Veteran
    edited October 2021

    Run LXC on the VPS and assign IPs to each container (LXC and OpenVZ both work fine on KVM, but I really would not recommend OpenVZ)
    In a similar vein, run Docker containers on the VPS and assign public IPs to the containers.

  • PixelsPixels Member
    edited October 2021

    The same you'd do with multiple IPv6 addresses.

    Jokes aside, Daniel's approach is what I do myself too. But not with IPv4 because I don't have that many kidneys.

  • Thanks all. Multiple LXC looks interesting, I'll try it to see how far it can go, as my VPS is relatively weak :D

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  • titustitus Member
    edited November 2021
    • You can easily separate different processes and contents by type and assign a different IP to them.
    • for web hosting it's probably SEO friendlier (I'm not a specialist)
    • multiple IP is a paradise for IRC (Internet Relay Chat) fanatics's (multiple funny vhosts for ZNC, you can easily separate the website from the IRC server etc)
    Thanked by 2merlinvn Daniel15
  • One use case I forgot to mention is that you can dedicate one IP to one website (make it the only site to use that IP) so that it works in old browsers that only support HTTP/1.0 and thus don't support virtual hosting (Netscape Navigator, IE3, etc) :tongue:

    Thanked by 2merlinvn wpyoga
  • Run public services on one IP, manage the host via another IP.

    Thanked by 1merlinvn
  • use iptables to forward traffic to different ip

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