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Unlimited Cpanel license ?!?!?
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Unlimited Cpanel license ?!?!?


I just found this at hostname web site>

How is possible to provide an unlimited Cpanel license for 45$?
Does cpanel start to sell internal licenses too?


  • I am sure you would see the line below for many times soon :p

    The end is nigh

  • jarjar Patron Provider, Top Host, Veteran
    edited October 2021
    • There are exceptions to this offer; we reserve the right to deny a price change to any account. If you have any questions regarding cPanel pricing and how it affects you, open up a chat and we’ll be with you shortly.

    It's subsidized by other pricing but if you manage to take advantage of it in an odd way, like fitting 1 million accounts on your single 500GB SATA disk with 16GB ram that you massively overpaid for, you might be dropped from it.

    Realistically there aren't many use cases where you can fit massive numbers of cpanel accounts on a server with few resources, and anyone who does can be considered the exception to the rule. Everyone else can enjoy licensing subsidized by overpriced servers.

    For the love of god their 2GB ram base cloud server config with cpanel costs $80/m. It's almost impossible to make that not profitable for them. It'll run out of memory and require an upgrade if you so much as look at it.

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  • JasonMJasonM Member
    edited October 2021

    nothing new here. with Godaddy vps you can create additional cP accounts upto 400 for $15/mo cP license with their self/managed vps range. Don't know if recently they put a cap on it or not. But may be they will if abused.

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