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Do you recommend as a Domain Reseller?
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Do you recommend as a Domain Reseller?

Does anyone have experience with and use it as a domain reseller?

I see that they ask for 10$ deposit and you can use it to register domains, also their pricing is very low :


  • JeDaYoshiJeDaYoshi Member
    edited October 2021

    lol no

    They're not trustworthy and very shady as a company, I'd not trust them with a free domain, nevermind a paid one, even much less if it's from your own clients. Also I think we've seen people complain about it in the past on this same forum.

  • Don't deal with them. Worst experience. They have (or had when i tried to work with) HQ in NL and reply very rarely and vaguely. Maybe they became good now but better to search for more reviews.

  • I would not trust, I have used them before and randomly had my account deleted, as well as domains. Support never responded. Great concept, terrible execution.

    Thanked by 1typicalGtaTG

    I use this provider for temporary projects. But only the freeservice.

  • bruh21bruh21 Member, Host Rep

    wouldn't give them any money. their website is shitty and the panel is slow. even their free domains are weird and get deleted at random

  • shady, cheap, slow support, unreliable.

  • Do not trust Freenom. It's only good for temporary free domains. They are too slow, changing costs, and can't be trusted on long run.

  • Agreed with everyone else. Do not trust them for anything serious.

  • Some people say that domains are like houses, but in the Internet world.

    Would you trust someone shady with your properties? ;)

  • If you want free domains, buy a short domain and create subdomains.

    If you want paid domains, use any other company. Literally anyone else. Freenom isn't worth it.

  • afnafn Member
    edited October 2021

    Used to be their customer, a sad one. I had free and paid domains, I would not recommend them.

  • Used to have paid and free domains with them. Some months ago, I wanted to register a domain with them and it got blocked for unknown reasons. When I reached out to support they linked me some FAQ article in which it was stated that I should wait some time, and if the problem persisted, look elsewhere. Which is what I did. Look elsewhere. The 1-2€/year I safe with them for their cheap pricing isn't worth dealing with them.

  • Thank you all for your feedback.

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