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Vultr will begin charging for snapshot storage on October 1
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Vultr will begin charging for snapshot storage on October 1

SplitIceSplitIce Member, Host Rep

This is part PSA part gripe. You can find more about it on their blog here:

Over 90% of Vultr customers will see less than a 2% increase in their monthly invoice, and most customers’ invoices will see less than a 1% increase, if there is an increase

Would have been 4% for us, still it would have been nice to receive an email.

While I suspect storage cost them a few dollars, and I'm sure it's being taken advantage of its a bit hasty with 10 days notice and no email'ed announcement (on a service with direct charge credit card authorization). Anyway PSA for all so you don't get hit with a bill. I only noticed because of the comment on my invoice...

I won't argue that it's been a distinguishing feature for them, because now... it was [a feature].

Vultr now has hundreds of thousands of customers, with millions of cloud instances deployed. Because snapshot storage was previously free, users tended to leave old snapshots in their accounts indefinitely (we get it - we would too if it was free!).

Yes but that was your goal surely you would have set an expiration time on you oldest snapshots? I had a couple at 5 years that I certainly didnt need (I suppose).

The take home?

If you are trusted with direct credit access you are trusted to notify your customers of billing changes.

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  • The snapshot feature is good.

    But the practice of charging for it without apparent/loud announcement is shady practice.

    There was no announcement email, they just notified the users via email after they implemented the charges.

    Also, anyone notice increased maintenance on vultr services?

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