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I want to install wordpress and these items on a virtual machine, do you guys support the installation?
FMPEG installed on server
PHP 5.4 or higher
php CURL extension (install to Debian/Ubuntu etc with apt-get install php5-curl )
I am a beginner, not very knowledgeable about these things but it is necessary for my work in the future


  • Perhaps start by understanding that this is a discussion forum, not a vendor. LET does not "support" any installation. Also it would be helpful to use better thread titles - "Offer" does not even seem to remotely describe the content.

  • defaultdefault Member
    edited September 29

    Use a search engine to find the information for installing each of these on your linux distribution. It's easy.

    And congratulations on your second post.

    Fastmako (aff) - another cheap VPS.

  • EOL’d PHP version. Hmm

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