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Need storage VPS for seedbox (Linux ISOs from top private distros only)
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Need storage VPS for seedbox (Linux ISOs from top private distros only)

  • Budget: ~ 25-30 Euro per year (1/2/3 yearly pricing is fine)
  • Disk: >= 1TB
  • RAM: >= 1GB
  • Speed: ~400 Mbps or more
Bandwidth: anything around/above ~500 GB monthly is fine
  • IPv4: 1
  • CPU: 1-2 cores should be fine. Syncthing and r(u)Torrent. Couple of times a month.
  • Usage: 4-5 top private Linux ISO providers. Not at all heavy usage. Download 1-2 weekly. Past ratio years.
  • Provider: Ought to have been around and are generally trusted here
  • Recurring offer/price preferred
  • Not looking for a seedbox provider

I am currently using LiteSever (HDD-1G; ~30 Euro/year; recurring) and they have been just awesome. But the disk is just 500GB which fills up quite fast. I wish they could trade 500GB more disk space for greatly reducing bandwidth (which remains unused anyway) :)

I have been seeing posts/comments around here and it seems IH, Virmach, Racknerd etc might be such providers (probably after applying an offer) but I am not sure which one of them allow private Linux ISOs (e.g. Nexus B doesn't I reckon).

Time4VPS has a storage offer but speed is bad and they are offering ancient OS/virtualisation at a non-recurring price.

Or should I simply wait for BF deals? Even then it'd be nice to know some reliable provider names that allow Linux ISOs so that I could keep an eye for offers from them.


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