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Installing Virtualmin after Webmin ??
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Installing Virtualmin after Webmin ??

pavanpavan Member


is it possible to install virtualmin after installing webmin without breaking anything?

I installed webmin 2 months ago and now I have to give access to someone for particular website. So is it possible to install virtualmin without breaking other websites hosted ? or shall i take a backup and go for fresh installation


  • I have never tried this process but most likely it will break because certain things have to be programmed during the installation process

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  • Yes you can but the process isn't as straight-forward though. Check the official doc for manually installing Virtualmin here:

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  • I was able to install virtual min as a separate module in webmin. There were several dependencies missing proftp, webanalyzer etc. I disabled it when creating a new virtual server. However my virtualmin account also has the full shell access to the entire server. Which is very odd. is it normal for virtualmin ?

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