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OVH x Cloudflare IPv6 issues
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OVH x Cloudflare IPv6 issues

I'm currently trying out OVH's ipv6 networking (also my first time using ipv6), as I'm having issues with OVH ipv4 where their VAC system automatically kicks in when there's a burst in HTTP requests (this is outgoing traffic, not incoming), causing real traffic to drop.

After some quick configuration in netplan, I'm able to get my VPS ipv6 working. However, when doing some requests to Cloudflare's websites, it took some time to establish connection, or sometimes timed out.

I did a tcpdump to see what's going on, and there's multiple TCP Retransmission happening to CF's IP.

Is this an OVH or Cloudflare issue? Is it possible to fix/mitigate it from my side?

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