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IncogNET Crypto Month - All Plans 50% off when paying with crypto. Finland KVM, Ad-Block VPN 5 locs! - Page 2
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IncogNET Crypto Month - All Plans 50% off when paying with crypto. Finland KVM, Ad-Block VPN 5 locs!



  • Promo expired?

  • FAT32FAT32 Administrator, Deal Compiler Extraordinaire

    @d0m1234 said:
    Promo expired?

    It is already August.

  • MannDudeMannDude Host Rep, Veteran
    edited August 2021

    @jenkki said:

    @MannDude said: We're making the Netherlands a flagship location where we're using our own IP space and will offer our full line of services from.

    This country cannot be called offshore or secure. That well known myph. Finland itself more to be qualify for these things. But only for local based company.

    We opted for a location with good network connectivity that isn't immediately associated with the riff-raff that other, more obscure locations might be associated with.

    At the end of the day, it's up to you to assess and define what your threat model is if you're concerned for your privacy. We make it easier by not requiring PII, allow crypto (and direct crypto payment outside of the processor), allow our site and panels (where able) available over alternative networks (Tor, I2P, Yggdrasil), allow for PGP encrypted email communication with us, etc. Literally, "We can not share what we do not know". We're big supporters of privacy so we do what we can within reason to offer you that. But we're also a business and need to operate in locations that actually have decent networks that appeal to common use, normal people as well.

    @d0m1234 said:
    Promo expired?

    PM me if you're interested. July was crypto month. Since it went pretty well we may try it again later in the year and do it 1-3x a year moving forward.

  • What does AdBlock mean? Does it mean your DNS system blocks access to ad networks, ie PiHole?

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