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Looking for a VPS to host a NANO/BANANO node.
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Looking for a VPS to host a NANO/BANANO node.

dawdeedoodawdeedoo Member
edited July 2021 in Requests

I started hosting a BANANO node on my RackNerd VPS a few days ago and everything was going well. But suddenly, my representative node blew up and a whale delegated to my node and I think it lead to an increase in usage of the VPS and today I got an email that my VPS was limited for surpassing the Fair Usage. I'm fairly new to server owning/renting. I contacted the support and explained the situation and they were really helpful but they said the server isn't a dedicated VPS and I cannot use the advertised resources indefinitely. I would hate to shut the node down and so my best bet is to look for another VPS provider.

These are the minimum recommended requirements a NANO and in extension BANANO representative should have. Are there any VPS providers that let you use the advertised resources indefinitely? I pretty much need the specifications illustrated in the link above but the storage can be lesser. I know an option is to rent a dedicated server, but unfortunately I cannot afford one atm. I'm sorry if I sound like a choosing beggar :sweat_smile:

Edit: Sorry for the edit! But I would prefer if I can pay with Crypto! Crypto is the only way I can make international payments. Also about my budget, it's not much :sweat_smile: I can do under $5 a month :sweat_smile:

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