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Cheapest yearly or monthly reseller hosting plans
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Cheapest yearly or monthly reseller hosting plans

neverainneverain Member
edited June 2021 in Requests

I am looking for the cheapest reseller plans, doesn't have to be reliable or have good space or anything it should just be cheap, i got one from racknerd for 18 usd yearly and another from hostslim for 0.85 eur monthly.

Btw iam not making a summerhost iam trying to resell webhosting (for now) and last as long as possible but i dont think people will be keen on buying from a company that is only several months old, so iam getting the cheapest possilbe reseller for 1 year, to sort of like, mature the company, and then switch to reliable providers after an year.


  • bruh21bruh21 Member, Host Rep

    Best to start out reliable and build a reputation for that. It's not a good look to have a really shitty unreliable product. Racknerd and hostslim are both decent companies, just use those. You could also try @seriesn nexusbytes so that you get free blesta for selling it.

    Thanked by 2neverain seriesn
  • Thanks for the kind mention @bruh21 <3

    @neverain the biggest investment you can make in a brand is its reputation, if your goal is to do this in the long run.

    Imagine a year or two later, internet is plastered with “This host sucks. They are always down”, do you think your future potential clients would feel comfortable signing up?

    With any business, you are expected to lose money for the first 12-18 months as you build up the reputation.

    Start small so the bleeding won’t hurt and grow as you go.

    Thanked by 2bruh21 neverain
  • If you want to sleep at night get a monthly plan for 9.95 from a provider who sleeps at night after you get 10 clients you can get a vps thanks

    Thanked by 1neverain
  • HostSlickHostSlick Member, Patron Provider
    edited June 2021

    So and RackNerd 18/year includes what?

    Let me check then what i can do for you

    Thanked by 1neverain
  • @HostSlick said: So and RackNerd 18/year includes what?

    30GB space and 5 cpanel accounts

  • Glad you found a good provider enjoy

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