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Wiki for compiled content/rules/tutorials?
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Wiki for compiled content/rules/tutorials?

KassemKassem Member

I was wondering if it would be more suitable to save compiled content like on a wiki page after the discussion compiles the list?

Not a totally new site, just a wiki in sub-directory for example.

And for rules example:

Could also be used for tutorials and have categories etc.

I know LEB exists but that's blog format not ideal like wiki format with structure.

What do you think?


  • jbilohjbiloh Administrator

    Certainly open to this.

    It's been on the list to improve the lowendtalk posts for hosting directory and IPv4 thread formatting.

    And for some featured posts on lowendtalk the idea was to cross post to lowendbox (and then make that information easier to find rather than just through search).

    @raindog308 what do you think?

  • raindog308raindog308 Administrator

    I agree there is content that is more reference that could be better formatted this way.

    For some of this, we'd probably do a blog post, a LEBTV post, and then also put it in a wiki for reference.

  • KassemKassem Member


    That sounds good but will need to be careful so sites aren't penalized for duplicate content.

    I don't see comments from other members, does that mean no objections and we can do it?

  • KassemKassem Member


  • I still think this is relevant. Can you move this to the new meta category please?

    Thanked by 1CheepCluck
  • raindog308raindog308 Administrator

    @Kassem said: I still think this is relevant. Can you move this to the new meta category please?


    I agree and I haven't forgotten it. @jbiloh and I are working on some things. I'll PM you and anyone else is welcome to jump into the fray.

  • risharderisharde Member, Host Rep
    edited August 2021

    I agree, this would be nice and also an easily findable link.

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