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NameCheap Open Exchange subscriptions
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NameCheap Open Exchange subscriptions


I had a personal mail subscription account for a year and it expired today. Namecheap sent one day renewal notice, and of course by the time I got to a computer my mail account was locked and lost several emails. I was irritated by it and decided to move the account to Rackspace.

The mail service works great and have no complain about it.


On Nov 23, 2013, at 10:00 AM, Renewals  wrote:

Open-Xchange Subscription Renewal Notice for 
Date: 11/23/2013 1:00:40 PM


This notice is to inform you that one of your Open-Xchange subscriptions is expiring 
soon. Please act fast and renew the subscription as soon as possible. If you 
do not renew your subscription, it will expire and no longer be active, and all your settings as well as all your mailboxes will stop functioning. 

Details of the subscriptions are provided below. 

   Plan Name      : ox-personal 
   Domain Name    : 
   Subscribed on  : 11/24/2012
   Billing Period : 12
   Expires on     : 11/24/2013 
   Days to Expire : 1 

Should you have any questions or concerns, 
please contact us at 

Namecheap Team 

NOTE: This is a 1 day notice for renewal


  • Contact Support, they have always bent over backwards to help me ;)

  • NameCheap support really cares. I provided feedback regarding this issue. This is the last email I received from them.

    If you're in budget to get email accounts for your domain, I highly recommend their service. I had their account configured from a script as follows



    user="[email protected]"



    From: Charlie S <******>
    Subject: [#CWS-309-79508]: renewing Open Exchange subscriptions
    Date: November 25, 2013 at 1:19:05 AM PST
    Reply-To: ****
    Dear CLIENT, 
    We are sorry to hear that you have decided to switch to another mail service for your domain name.
    The notifications about upcoming subscription renewal are usually sent in 14, 7, 3 and 1 days prior to expiration date. The subject of the e-mails is "Your Open-Xchange email service - Renewal". They might be delivered to the Junk/Spam folder. Kindly check if these e-mails have been received and let us know about this.
    Also we would like to inform you that your Open-Xchange subscription is in the Grace period at the moment and it is possible to renew it and get your mailbox to work within 30 days. All the e-mails in your mailbox will not be lost. 
    Your feedback is really important for us and highly appreciated.
    Charlie S.
    Hosting Team Lead
    Namecheap Group 
  • Did you checked the junk/spam folder? Are there any emails from NC?

  • @ErawanArifNugroho I couldn't find any email from them regarding OpenX-change. I buy a lot of SSL from them and I never have an issue with renewals. I even looked in the PROMOTION and SOCIAL tab with gmail hosted domain.

  • Ah.. you're using Gmail :)

    Sometimes they just went to my Spam folder, but maybe there's a system error which causing delayed email. But glad it's fixed now :)

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