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DirectAdmin File Manager : Good or Bad - Page 2
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DirectAdmin File Manager : Good or Bad



  • LittleCreekLittleCreek Member, Patron Provider

    There are plenty of file managers out there. Its called FTP.

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  • Mahfuz_SS_EHLMahfuz_SS_EHL Host Rep, Veteran
    edited May 2021

    @twain said:
    Why would an SA ever really use a web based file manager? If you’re using something like that more than rarely then you’re doing it wrong..

    SA won't use Web Based File Manager. I asked from a Normal User/Customer's point of view, how he/she will feel to do his/her small tasks.

  • Apart from the file manager, there are other factors that I cannot mention in detail.
    I can't even do anything when the server finishes rebooting, in the option.conf setting it changes the previous litespeed setting to apache :D

  • very very confusing file manager.

  • @Mahfuz_SS_EHL said:
    @gapper @seriesn @edoarudo5 Not only the System Admins, but also Newbie customers use this & get confused. Then, they come to the support asking how to do this, how to do that. I haven't seen any of the cPanel users to come to support for these issues.

    Another thing DirectAdmin lacking is that the Backup Restore functionality. Although, I know that I can transfer bulk accounts by SSH & rsync it, but, it's pretty much easier to do it via GUI like cPanel, it's time effective option. Root to Root migration that's What I'm asking for.

    @DA_Mark Can you look over here ?? We have plenty of suggestions & scope of improvement for DirectAdmin :)

    That is because users are adapting. What you expect? Adaptation takes time..
    When cPanel goes out, it took a while to users adapt, and to have the large tutorials you are seen today.

    If Hosting Providers had changed to DirectAdmin this scenario could be different. Also Directadmin should post more tutorials to encourage new users make the adaptation more easily.

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