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Low End VPS in San Jose California???
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Low End VPS in San Jose California???

hybridizedhybridized Member
edited August 2011 in General

I basically want to setup OpenVPN so don't really have any high requirements. Want to spend anywhere from $3-$10/month for a reliable yet low end vps which I will manage myself.

BuyVM is all out of stock and I can't wait for them to restock.

Any recommendations similar to BuyVM?



  • I don't know what you mean with "similar to BuyVM", but you should take a closer look to, they're really cheap and reliable. Support is also very fast.

  • What I mean by similar to BuyVM I meant a price, specs and service similar to their VPS packages.

    Thanks need more feedback :)

  • DeorDeor Member

    I have a buyvm 256 that should expire tomorrow as I've got a 128 which is all I need. Maybe fran can confirm if this will go back into stock and you could nab it, or if I could transfer it to you directly.

  • If you can do that, I'd highly appreciate it. I'm sending you a message kindly reply.

  • I just contacted and it seems they are located in Jacksonville Florida.
    So I'm still looking :)

  • You could put in a ticket at BuyVM asking if they have any available that haven't been resold from cancellations, that isn't too uncommon to find one like that once in awhile.

    I do have VPS available in LA, only 8ms away.

    QuickWeb might have something to fit your needs in San Jose.

    San Jose is too specific a location for California since everyone peers at Any2 in the state it seems, or their upstream does. I've not found anything over 10ms between the Bay Area and LA.

  • hybridized said:

    I just contacted and it seems they are located in Jacksonville >Florida. So I'm still looking :)

    Sorry, I missed that you're looking for VPS located in San Jose... May I ask why do you need especially that location?

  • I need that location because I ping best to it among other reasons which I'd like to keep private :)

  • Have you looked at the offers that are already out there?

  • If you are from Asia then LA is pretty good as well. Los Angeles VPS on LEB.

  • dotbendotben Member
    edited August 2011

    hybridized said: among other reasons which I'd like to keep private :)

    {Pulls up chair}, tell me more... :)

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