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Easter Special IPv6 /40 for just ~$53/annually - Securebit AG
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Easter Special IPv6 /40 for just ~$53/annually - Securebit AG

securebitsecurebit Member, Host Rep

Easter Special IPv6 /40 for just ~$53/annually - Securebit AG

Hello LowEndTalk Users

Securebit AG provides virtual Servers, Colocation, Internet Resources (ASN, IPv4, IPv6) and other Solutions in data centers in Europe (Zurich, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, London and Fremont).

Our services are based on latest HPE and DELL servers, offering outstanding performance and reliability . We also operate our own fully redundant network across multiple data centers.

Securebit AG was founded in 2018 and we support you with knowledge of over 15 years of experience in networks, virtualization and internet services.

Today we want to offer you our special easter offer:

IPv6 (PA) /40 IPv6 CHF 50/yr ($52.96/yr) - Order now
IPv6 /40 PA
RIPE Region
Web interface (Cloud Manager)
Select parent ipv6 subnet

If you dont have an ASN yet:

ASN 32Bit with /44 IPv6 CHF 15/yr ($16.19/yr) - Order now
32 Bit Number (6digits)
IPv6 /44 PA
RIPE Region
Web interface (Cloud Manager)
CHF 35.00 ($37.77) one-off for setup

You do not need to be resident within the EU/RIPE region. According to the RIPE guidelines, you are required to operate the ASN at at least one location in the RIPE region.
More information about Autonomous System Numbers

You already have an ASN and IP-Addresses:
Virtual Server with Internet Exchange VLAN and IP-Transit

VPS SBIX (1 CPU, 1 GB RAM, 10 GB HDD) CHF 10.00/mo ($11.22/mo) - Order now
1 Core @ 2.27GHz
10 GB SAS Storage
1 Gbps (Shared)
1 IPv4 & IPv6 Address
Location: Zurich, Switzerland
IP-Transit (IPv4 & IPv6 Full Table) AS58057
Automatic Prefix Filter lists (updated daily)
1st NIC for Internet Access and IP-Transit
2nd NIC connected to the Securebit Internet Exchange Peering LAN

Optional with additional Internet Exchange Ports: 4IXP or SwissIX

Securebit currently have more then 2900 happy customers, running more then 4500 tunnels and more then 350 dedicated and virtual servers:
- About Securebit AG

It is important to us to offer our customers the best support. Therefore, we decided to make our support performance accessible.
- Customer Satisfaction

We have our own data centers and several high-performance servers at different locations, with connections to the largest exchange nodes.
- Technology
- Network

Find out more about Securebit AG and our offers:

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