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100% SLA since 2020 May on UltraVPS Oo
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100% SLA since 2020 May on UltraVPS Oo

o_be_oneo_be_one Member
edited January 2021 in General

Hello LET,

Happy to share a positive experience with the community ^^, because i've never had a service with that kind of availability (i did had uptime with 4y, but you know, network issues happens on providers side sometime, but here, nothing!)...

Provider: UltraVPS in Amsterdam
Product: Storage-Special-2 (2tb disk, 2 vCPU, 2gb ram)
Server location: Amsterdam
Usage: backup server for a non-profit organization infrastructure + few personnal servers
Service since: 2019-02-08
Server uptime: 263 days
Monitored since:  2020-05-05
Monitoring provider: HetrixTools (with 4 locations, 2 in NA and 2 in EU)

I'm just like "wow that's impressive!". This VPS never got any downtime.

I remember when i've took the service, i've talked with the owner @UltraVPS . He was really friendly and helpful ^^.

Did you had same experience with UltraVPS? Do you have some similar experiences to share with other providers?

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  • dergelbedergelbe Member
    edited January 2021

    Usually I would agree. But not today. Seems everything loads very slow today. Or is it just me?

    Update: Loads fast on FF, but slow on Chrome. So probably just me.

  • FritzFritz Veteran
    edited January 2021

    Wrong post.

    Please delete.

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