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Run a vm on a vps? - Page 2
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Run a vm on a vps?



  • typicalGtaTGtypicalGtaTG Member, Host Rep

    @Vita said:

    @typicalGtaTG said:

    @Vita said:

    @typicalGtaTG said:

    @DP said:

    @Barnesanger said:

    @marvel said:
    Rent a dedi, install Proxmox and run Debian 10 and Windows :smile:

    I dont need a dedi, when i can do the same thing for 10 euro / month or less

    But it's LET - there are times you can get a dedi for as low as $2-$3/month :joy:

    Where do I find this $3 dedi Sir?

    Not $3 but close enough $6:

    I've never seen that in stock, I'd love to have one, but it's never in stock.

    Subscribe to one of the checkers: i.e.

    Okay, I'll try doing that now. Do you often get notifs about them being in stock? Even if they do end up in stock, I think they do go away within minutes. Not sure how many people idle it tho.

  • WebProjectWebProject Host Rep, Veteran

    @yoursunny said:

    @WebProject said:

    @raindog308 said:
    And then within that VM, run another VM.

    And then within that VM, run another VM.

    And then within that VM, run another VM.

    Then post your offers.

    I am wondering how many levels possible to resell? How about to run multiple level nested VMs, the last level (let’s say 32 level) it can be sold as most secured VM

    3 Ubuntus nested in VMware Workstation

    The picture shows parallel virtualisation, the level of virtualisation I am talking need to be in VM inside the other and up to 32 levels down, so last 32nd VM will have at least 33 hosts 😂

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