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Any promotion sale in DC-05(Racknerd) ?
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Any promotion sale in DC-05(Racknerd) ?

bbplayerbbplayer Member
edited January 9 in General

In the past two month, I find that I can't choose the location datacenter-05 for almost every Racknerd promotion sale.
So I wonder is there any good deals/offers for dc-05?
If any admin see this thread, please delete it.Thank you
I am sorry, man.I probably made a mistake


  • DPDP Member, The Domain Guy

    You could have just posted/asked in their active thread(s) or if this is directed to D himself, why not just PM? :|

  • Why not directly contact them by pm or sales ?

    For what you make this thread ?

  • dustincdustinc Member, Top Provider

    @bbplayer Thank you for considering us! We’re always open to offering custom solutions, especially in locations of your choice. As long as we have inventory, we can work a deal. Please email [email protected] and I’ll personally help.

  • @FAT32
    I am sorry, man
    I probably made a mistake
    Please delete this thread
    Thank you

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