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Vps resell
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Vps resell

I would like to offer my client VPS as well.

I am interesting in a provider offering VPS resell service with a white label Solus.

Also I would appreciate any pay as you go plan.

As for locations: USA and Europe

Thank you


  • cfgguycfgguy Member, Host Rep

    I have sent you a pm

  • Hello,

    You might want to list what kind of specs you or your clientele is looking for. If you do not know, it might help describing what kind of clients you have and/or what they want to pay for such service.

    I wish you luck with finding the right hosting partner for your business venture :-)

  • good point: I would want to offer from the lowest: 128 MB RAM / 1 core / 100Mbps uplink to lets say 2GB ram/ 2 vCPU .

  • XSXXSX Member, Host Rep

    Openvz ? Xen? Kvm?

  • Openvz

  • rskrsk Member, Host Rep

    Usually, if you do not purchase a "pack" with like 4gb ram / 100gb hd / 4 tb bw / 4 ips, the discounts will only start after your X'th purchase. So maybe you pay normal price for the first five orders, then you get 10% off for the next five, and then again it goes to 20% for the next, etc.

    I wish you best of luck :)

  • I also have similar requirement. Providers, remember to send details to me too.

  • I could offer you 4 gb ram, 4 IP, 2 Tb bandwith, 100 diskspace for 20 dollar/mo
    You could create vps on new york,la,florida and uk

  • If you can send me an offer aswell, that's be great.

  • If anyone could send me a VPS reseller offer too, that would be great

  • The margins on reseller as others have pointed out aren't going to work with the current price wars. Why not rent a dedicated and sell yourself?

  • MaouniqueMaounique Member
    edited November 2013

    It doesnt work mostly because resellers will start advertising on hackforums for booters and whatnot and will end up costing the host much more through chargebacks, dirty IPs, DDoSes and the like.
    Remember a reseller doesnt have to put up with that, they just move to the next host after taking a few bucks.

  • I dont want to take a dedicated as I dont have right now so much experience.
    @Maounique: I agree with you.
    @tuguhost: This offer system will have to disappear. I buy the quantities I need, all the time - even if we talk of a small shop at the street corner or hosting reseller.
    The market is so crowded and some continue to post this kind of offers.

    No, in my point of view, the working plan is a pay - as - need. That's all. For sure the smart hosting providers will got it finally.

    @ to all of you sending me PM: please come with the offer, as I said pay-as-you-go.

  • rskrsk Member, Host Rep

    @HWAYS well if you are interested in what I previously said in my last post, let me know and we can work a "pay-as-you-go" :)

  • Hello we have VPS reseller plans with pay as you go options. Recurring discounts available 14.99 a month. Plans can be seen here

  • The above worked for me. I recommend it!

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