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Free IPv6 address assignments
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Free IPv6 address assignments

zmeuzmeu Member

We’d like to start by wishing you and your family a happy new year!

We’re ready to allocate /48 IPv6 for any commercial, personal or educational activity for free.

As per the policy changes in ARIN 2017-12 and ARIN 2018-5, LIRs are no longer allowed to create POC or OrgID for another organization. You must register OrgID and POC yourself before you can receive reallocations. Any individual or organization, even if outside the ARIN service region, can create OrgID. You should mention that you will receive reallocations (SWIPs) from us (WSC-141) when you register your OrgID with ARIN. Alternatively, you can choose to have a simple reassignment.

Please note the following

You must have:

  • A publicly routable ASN number
  • Completed ASN record in PeeringDB

Last but not least:

  • Any illegal activity or spamming are prohibit. :)

If you meet these then drop an email to [email protected] or PM.

Many thanks!


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