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Need a VPS
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Need a VPS

edited August 2011 in General

I need a new VPS server. And I'm looking for properties in the following way.

Minumum Disk Space : 100 GB,
Guaranteed RAM : 2048
Burstable RAM : 4096
IP Addresses : 3 (I can change the Arin and Ripe whois happens much more beautiful. Example: etc.)
Bandwith: 2000 GB

Cpanel want to pay for 6 months and at least 6 months should be free. Server up backed at least monthly. Payment is made with paypal. I think 6 months to pay the fee and the 65 or maximum 90 $.

Company must be at least 2 years must be doing this job. Also, I watched the status of the server must have a panel like SolusVM. If the price is good for bids, a 1-year wage can pay.

Bids on this subject as possible, an e-mail address by typing "hello [-@-]" address to send.

Thank you.


  • check volumedrive

  • Thank you for your answer.
    Looked at the company, but unfortunately there are no features I wanted. I think a company, I have reviewed and nice prices. but it turns off, a new company and what do I do tomorrow? All what I say to my customers and my friends? Does anyone have information about this company? Do you have working with this company? Might find these prices and looking for a firm that cPanel or DirectAdmin for free.

  • Well, you could check or this forum for reviews and opinions about that company.

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  • FranciscoFrancisco Top Host, Host Rep, Veteran

    You aren't going to get cPanel free in the price range you're after unless you're willing to pay $70 - $80/m.

    Since you're posting on here you're likely hoping for a $30/m price with a pre-pay 6 months, 6 free. You'll find someone that will offer it, but they'll last just long enough to get outside of the paypal chargeback period.


  • edited August 2011

    VM2048 by 6 months of service in this service pack Virpus $ 112 from the giving. But now is not a good financial situation for a server I am looking for affordable. Meanwhile, firms engaged in the campaign can be. the problems I see on the Facebook pages.

    I can pay to replace the figure. Average ranging from $ 65 USD to 90 looking for a server. Waiting for bids.

  • Why is this thread in

  • So what should be where?

  • @rajprakash: Good question :P

    @EnginTopcuoglu: You are not going to get VPS with cPanel for $90 per year from reputable provider.

  • @EnginTopcuoglu is a sister site (per say) to which highlights providers with VPS offers pricing under $7 USD. Discussions about VPS offers in the $90USD range are not exactly pertinent discussion in a forum related to sub-$7USD VPS. I'd say your thread better belongs in the VPS section of WHT ( than here.

  • I think many of you read it wrong. I have an annual $ 90 I did not say. I said 6 months $ 90.

    Will look at the link that you have provided. Thanks.

  • For $90 u can not get a VPS with those specs + cpanel

  • gsrdgrdghdgsrdgrdghd Member
    edited August 2011

    You might wanna take a look at this:
    3gb guaranteed RAM, 6gb burstable, 6tb traffic
    only problem: 50gb webspace. You might wanna contact their sales if you can upgrade that.
    When you pay yearly you get the first 6 months of the server for free, which means 180$ for the server. A cPanel license is 425$ yearly which gives you 50$/month in the first year and 65$/month in the next ones.
    idk if they charge any extra fees for IPs

    I have the exact same server, if you need any benchmarks or so feel free to ask

  • I chose the product and from there I went to VServer PREMIUM X4. I started proceedings by pressing the Select button. 6 months free, says the system, but says $ 45 per month. Should I pay this fee every month or 6 months of this I wonder Is it charged?

  • I was also curious about that at first and contacted their support, but it turns out that it is normal. Remember that you need 1 year contract time for the 6 months free tho.
    The invoice will look somewhat like this:

  • xprotocept said: For $90 u can not get a VPS with those specs + cpanel

    For $90 they cannot get cPanel for 1 year, much less a VPS tossed in for free. Partner NOC pricing is $10/mo for cPanel, why do I want to sell for $90 what costs me $120?

    @EnginTopcuoglu you really need to advise what you want and a realistic price someone can hit, not this pie in the sky dream you have that will not happen.

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  • In fact, you're right. 's look at the prices (virpus have worked with previously, but budget is not enough now) 6 months of service on a monthly basis ödeme'de VM2048 code number "$ 18.70" is made. $ 112 doing it in 6 months and multiply. And if you buy the service you receive at least 6 months as the price you are cpanel and directadmin. I am looking for a company like this Campaign.

  • I don't get it because my English sucks... do you want a VPS with that specs and with free CPANEL for $90 year? or $90 every 6 months?

    Damn, open your eyes and stop dreaming :|

  • It's not really free either. Figured into the cost and what you're paying.

  • If I added cPanel to my 768mb ram/1.5gb burst VPS it would be around $15/month, which is $90/6 months. I don't think you will get those specs AND cPanel for $15/month.

  • Well not a legit CPanel copy at least....

  • go to WHT and search on bigbrainhost, if I remember correctly they have your specs + cpanel + managed for 23$/month...

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