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pcloud Lifetime?
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pcloud Lifetime?

I'm looking for an offsite redundant backup, and the $245/2TB lifetime offer from cloud caught my eye. I'm always leery about "lifetime" offers, exponentially so from a company I've never heard of. I searched and don't see much about them here. Any experiences? Online reviews are mixed but mostly positive.

If not pcloud, what's the best 2tbish storage VPS option out there?



  • sandanistasandanista Member
    edited November 2020

    I've been using them for ages. Never had any issues and upload is much faster and reliable than DB and Google Drive. Don't be fooled by their 75% off though, it's been 375 for most of this year, so they've only knocked off another 70 euros for BF.

  • For offsite redundant backups, why don't you consider Backblaze's B2? There are already many scripts like restic can work with B2 easily.

  • I got my Premium Lifetime two or three years ago, honestly, I don’t have any problems with my pCloud and have no doubts about choosing to pay once. The download and upload speed is OK, sometimes I think that it depends on my local provider, and also, they have that Sync option, and it helps me a lot, especially now, when I have to work remotely.

  • PUSHR_VictorPUSHR_Victor Member, Host Rep

    Pcloud has been highly regarded in Bulgaria, with their services being bundled with offerings from Telenor Bulgaria for some time (not sure if still the case). The owner is the creator of the once well known locker HotFile (again, if I recall correctly) so the guy knows how to do storage. I would buy into the offer if I had the need, but that said, I have never tried the service.

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