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How much was the maximim RAM ever you got in VPS? - Page 2
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How much was the maximim RAM ever you got in VPS?



  • KuJoeKuJoe Member, Host Rep

    Apache. Very optimized and resources were monitored by custom scripts that prevented users from abusing the RAM or CPU.

  • Currently have a 3.5GB VPS, it was originally 1GB but after several successive free VPS memory level ups, it ends up at 3.5GB :)

    As to lowendadmin's question, take the E3-1245 dedicated which would be faster than 6 cores of a dual xeon E5620 (which is 6/16th of a dual E5620). E3-1245 is only a tad slower than a full dual xeon E5620 ;)

  • We have a VPS with 12GB RAM and 24 cores used internally for GS clients.

  • Go59954 said: @Keith: bwahaha and I was wondering why they are in dead pool, while they where offering 256mb guaranteed with 11 GB burst!!

    Yeah, we discussed that in the past, seems like was a bug from Hostrail.

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