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Survey: NAT VPS Japan, will you take it?
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Survey: NAT VPS Japan, will you take it?

AbdAbd Member, Patron Provider
edited October 2020 in General

Hello community,

We have been considering a new APAC location for our AMD NAT VPS: Tokyo, Japan

Due to high costs, the resources are adjusted accordingly, we have tried best to keep a decent low-end pricing.
This survey is to know if people are really interested in this location.

128mb DDR4 ECC Ram
1vCPU AMD Ryzen (Fair share)
2GB NVMe Raid-10 disk
70GB bandwidth @ 1gbps per month
1 x shared IPv4 w domain forwarding (HAProxy + SSL support)
1x /64 IPv6 subnet
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Pricing - $7 per year recurring

Plan can be stacked (combined) to make a larger VPS.

What can you do with a 128MB NAT ?

  • Host a full-fledged website (w any CMS like Wordpress, Ghost etc) on port 80/443
  • VPN - Most protocols including OpenVPN & Wireguard can be used. (V2Ray should be used for China, possible)
  • A ping/uptime monitoring service like dnstools
  • Proxy (private, protected)
  • IRC client/server (IPv6)
  • VoiP apps like Teamspeak, Mumble etc.
  • Anything you want with native IPv6
  • A simple remote terminal with root access, testing scripts & other stuff.
  • A light usage remote desktop.
  • Distributed database, Web Scrapers etc.
  • Many more possibilities.

Depending on the votes, we may have this live to order in some days!
Feel free to contribute to this thread with your thoughts.

Best Regards

  1. will you be interested?53 votes
    1. Yes
    2. I am happy with Singapore


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