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Where to send my bad emails ?
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Where to send my bad emails ?

Some of our customers have a really poor email hygene, attrackting spam left and right, and at the same time insisting that they forward their email to their gmail or yahoo accounts.

Horror for us. How to keep your IPs clean for your customers that do need a proper email service? Now, mind you, we do not support any spammers, but really, it has become so easy to be labeled as a spammer when forwarding a 'dirty' email account to someones own Yahoo, Hotmail or Google account. And its all legit, everyones wishes... but it just does not work... at least not for us.

We use MailChannels for sending mail for our customers with a good email hygene, and who are willing to pay a little extra for a guaranteed delivery. So that is sorted.

We send all the rest of our customers emails from our own server. And this is where we fight for keeping the IPs clean.

What we think could work, is tagging accounts with a poor email hygene and routing their emails over some 'other' email relay service. Pay someone else to sort this out.

But who? Where do we send the mail from these spam forwarding accounts?
Has anyone found a decent solution for this, that you're willing to share?


  • iirc MXroute just blocks email forwarding to specific ESPs. There's not much to be done to be honest. You'll have to talk with the client about this. Maybe consider using this as an alternative?

  • jarjar Member, Patron Provider

    Rspamd filtering on outbound and a large list of IPs to rotate from.

  • I came here thinking this might be some sort of COVID-era replacement for the confessional.

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  • Perhaps you could encrypt the contents of e-mails before forwarding them so the receivers can't analyze them and see how spammy they are? Or just mangle them in some way (header and footer with your company tagline for example) so they aren't such an exact match for other flagged e-mails.

    Nobody is going to step forward and offer to be dumped all your expensive, problem-users. Throw a small number of them into a large pool of good users, then some services might take the job. Get used to checking your IPs against e-mail blocklists several times a day, and requesting removal frequently. DKIM signing and SPF records will help a bit as well, if you aren't already utilizing those.

  • MechanicWebMechanicWeb Member, Patron Provider

    Forwarding is a bad idea and a common source of spam. Develop a habit of motivating users to download email as @sanvit said. Do not allow forwarding a large volume of emails or completely disable forwarding.

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