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Xeon E2288g VS Dual E5-2620v3 for shared hosting
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Xeon E2288g VS Dual E5-2620v3 for shared hosting

Currently have a dual e5-2430 (24 cores with HT) for shared hosting of about 500 sites. Currently the load does not go below 5. IO is not the bottleneck, have 2x1TB SSD in RAID1.

Am offered Xeon e228g (2x1TB NVME) and a 2xe5-2620v3 (2x1TB SATA SSD) at similar price.

The first one is newer and has high single core performance with 16 cores with HT, but the other one has 32 cores with HT. First one also has NVME SSD instead of SATA SSD.

If you were me, which one would you choose?


  • I’d go with the Intel E-2288G, brilliant processors and you’ll definitely see the benefits of the higher clock speeds, plus NVMe!

  • E-2288G and NVMe definitely.

  • bacloudbacloud Member, Provider

    Just got some E-2288G, performance is great.
    2xe5-2620v3 is a bit old.

    If you got a good offer E-2288G with NVMe, just go with it!

  • oplinkoplink Member, Provider

    E-2288G + NVME
    or amd ryzen if you want more cores

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