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exchanged server has exactly same issue
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exchanged server has exactly same issue

kyakykyaky Member
edited September 2020 in General

Hey mates,

I rent a server from Hetzner. with fresh installation of the windows 2019, running gets immediate BSOD, kernal security check. Werid. (default BIOS, Hetzner's ISO, standard installation)

I asked them to provide a solution they said they could exchange it to another one and I said yes. 20mins after, they send me kvm with another server. believe or not, It has the exactly same issue. (I checked the nvme, it has a different brand from the previous server) I dont think it's the same server with different drives as it wastes more time swapping drives.

Might be compatibility issue with windows server 2019 and Asrock B450?


edited: These guys are very helpful and fast. I started to play with this server 9am AEST (CEST: 1am) till now 9pm AEST (CEST 1pm), it first ran into a dead KVM then it took 4 hours to get a windows installed (I didn't know they could help you burn image in a stick. Then this BSOD issue on two Asrock motherboards). always get a reply within 10-15mins.

update 1: BIOS udpated to latest: still immediate BSOD
update 2: Hetzner technican couldn't figure out why
update 3: I talked to a guy I knew working in Asus. He said some of the Asrock old product with Realtek Ethernet card might have instablity issue under heavy load. The Realtek driver comes with windows 2019 has issue. updated to 510.2019+ from website solved the problem.


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