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About that cociu/hostsoutions thread
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About that cociu/hostsoutions thread

Here is a story behind it:

Cociu is a sales person and that’s what drives him - sales, sales, sales. That’s fair in perfume industry. In the hosting industry I’m expecting at least maintenance, not necessary support (especially considering the pricing). But from the perspective of years he is better with refunding customers experiencing issues rather than fixing them. Moreover he’s salty towards anyone that dares to mention that he is not fulfilling his duties. That behavior just grinds my gears.
The yesterday’s moment when he assaulted another of his customers broke my patience, but I had nothing to throw at him besides what everyone already knew.
Today cociu announced the company swap. That combined with my previous assumption of having liquidity issues sounded good enough. Later @PHDan pointed out that the PP swap was perhaps get around PP restrictions/investigations. You don’t really create a company for the sake of it having a new name, don’t you? That’s simply too much hassle. Besides would anyone be surprised if the bills for that 1TB $30/3years VPS finally cought up?

Can we now have a cultural any discussion?

I'm dropping the mic here for now. See you in 10-12 hours.


  • You sure live up to your name

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  • his "new" company name that is actually something internet-related and is 3 years old?

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  • Did he break up with you or something? You're kinda acting like a crazy ex.

  • He assaulted one of his customers?

    According to a google search, you're wrong:

    Netsilvania was the original name of HostSolutions. He is not changing his name, as this was an existing name. Get your facts straight.

    If you're gonna publicly make fun of someone, expect them to be mad.

  • First question to you, do you have sister?

    Second question if hypothetically she marries cociu and has to change her legal name, is that a scam to avoid taxes.

    Third, don’t ever attack cociu, he is our supreme leader.

  • lmao... that was a fun read. Its like... he started another thread... let it roll and never actually read what happened in that thread and then came here making the same assumptions except in a more PC way.

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  • @MrPsycho said:
    But from the perspective of years he is better with refunding customers experiencing issues rather than fixing them.

    He said it himself. This is the way one should run a company. You don't try to satisfy your customer, you just cut it loose.

    Most of the time, the customer is the one who asked to be refunded. But not the case with hostro.

  • raindog308raindog308 Administrator
    edited September 2020

    We don't need three separate HostSolutions/NetSilvania/cociu threads going at once, especially when one of them is apparently just an afterparty for another.

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