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GreenValueHost sells some of their cPanel customers
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GreenValueHost sells some of their cPanel customers

KadarKadar Member
edited November 2013 in Providers

Valued Customers,

It is with great regret and remorse that I am sending you this email today to inform you that your services will no longer be continued with GreenValueHost. We have decided that we are going to be moving forward as a cloud web hosting provider and to maintain stability in our infrastructure and do what is best for our clients, we will no longer be servicing clients on srv1 and srv2. Starting today, all existing clients on srv1 and srv2 will be migrated over to a brand new server with one of our partner hosting companies, Hudson Valley Host.

You will be able to continue your existing hosting plan there with absolutely no price changes, and will still be eligible for industry leading 24/7 technical support. All client data of clients on srv1 and srv2 have been transferred over to Hudson Valley Host's client database, and you can log in with your GreenValueHost client area credentials in their client area: The migration to Hudson Valley Host servers from srv1 and srv2 has already begun and the new nameservers will be:

[white label nameservers removed on request. S.)

As the migration has not yet been completed, please hold off on making any changes to your data until you receive another email from us, notifying you that everything is all set (Once the migration has been successfully completed)

From the point in which you receive this email, all technical support inquires for srv1 and srv2 must be submitted to Hudson Valley Host. Your existing account with us will remain in "Active" status, however all of your services that are hosted on srv1 and srv2 will appear as "Cancelled" although will be "Active" in your Hudson Valley Host client area.

We the team at GreenValueHost would very much like to thank you sincerely for your time here as a client of GreenValueHost, and we wish you the very best of luck in all of your future endeavors.

Cordially Yours,

The GreenValueHost Team


  • jarjar Patron Provider, Veteran

    I wish people didn't think of cpanel customers as lowly as they do. They have the power to make your business if you aren't selling unlimited for $3 a year. The majority of people with a need for web hosting will not be buying a vps or a dedi, they want shared hosting that "just works." They don't even know they want shared hosting, they just want "a website." These people are the foundation of a good hosting business.

  • @jarland said:
    I wish people didn't misuse the fucking term cloud and claim they're a "cloud web hosting provider" when they're selling VPS's with local storage, no failover, no HA, bla, bla, bla

    Fixed that for you. :P

    Starting today, all existing clients on srv1 and srv2 will be migrated over to a brand new server with one of our partner hosting companies, Hudson Valley Host.

    Big move since GVH rents their servers from HVH.

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  • HC_RoHC_Ro Member
    edited November 2013

    said: do what is best for our clients

    What is best is for his agreement to cease being a vendor for 5 years until grown up. Im not sure how many total service providers he owes money too or has disputed payments with but its really sad to keep seeing people get screwed.

    The entire email looks like a load of crap, just because you decide to pivot your business does not mean you offload the existing customers.

    Whoever is being migrated to HVH I say your in better hands and should give them a shot. Anyone left with GVH just move.

    HVH should have forced a agreement to not practice in the industry in exchange, not just pivot without consequence. (edit* not really a pivot, more of a new form of hope)

    As Jarland hinted, no matter what your are paying, who you are, what type of account/service, you deserve to not be tossed around and should expect quality. Its not your(the customer) fault that they disregard something offered as not par with something else and or cannot handle the way they chose to sell.

  • GVH not a good company. Thy don't know about solusvm config properly. Last time i buy a vps form there LEB offer. I see my solusvm show now swap and there whmcs show swap here !
    Only installing cPanel (not any client ) server show 50+ % Ram use !!

  • LeeLee Veteran
    edited November 2013

    Normally I would say it is wrong to make such a move without proper notification to clients providing the opportunity to move elsewhere and so on. But I suspect first of all a lot of the customers were on long term plans 1,2 and 3 years. So they did not want the hit on chargebacks. It's ok for Jonathan to chargeback all over the place but not anyone else.

    Even though it's HVH it will more than likely be an improvement for the clients.

  • stay away from them.

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